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Process blog for the AAC Animation project.

Hey Y’all!  Just wanting to post silly stuff and keep the blog up and alive.

We’re still working on stuff! I promise!

But for now here is a silly doodle set of the characters and their powers! Enjoy!



—Stephanie giving revisions during pre-production

August 28th — and with 2 notes


Since Jep and Marbs did the journal posts I think I should at least have one?

So where do I even begin on… I guess starting from actually saying ” Hey we like this idea why not do something with it?”
It’s like.. at first I’ll admit that I didn’t think much of actually doing a group project. I honestly love doing group projects… but never have I been more serious about them than with AAC.  So at first when starting the project I naturally shit out as many references and ect. as I could in a short period of time (because I am a beast).  But y’know that was at a point where we werent taking this much seriously I guess? or at least I was’nt. I was trying to manage life problems and really I put AAC last. But honestly I never wanted to stop with it. It wasnt until a few months ago that I really started taking this seriously. HONESTLY I remember the exact moment that I wanted to do this for real.

We were walking to the grocery store, And Me and marb were talking about how some artists tend to announce projects and never do them and keep making the reference sheets over and over and over. And how they never seemed to get things done with focusing on every little mistake.

Stephanie pointed out HEY! youre doing that now with AAC!!!  (I did so many reference sheets. So many that I am ashamed of and that I will eventually must up the courage to show everyone).

But it was at that moment.. I did NOT want to be one of those people I was complaining about. So I stopped being a hypocrite and got to work!

I am very pleased with how all the characters are turning out, and it’s honestly been a huge learning experience!

The more sheets I’m doing the less revisions I’m getting.


But it’s been a great learning experience for me. I’m glad we all stuck with it.

Another thing  that I find interesting is that it’s a little difficult to be serious. This is a serious themed story and well.. I’m not a serious person. (well technically the story has funny moments but dkjfaskd)

So it’s at least nice that I can make silly notes on the style guide and everyone understands what I’m talking about.

For Wontons by rougeFetus

I think I’ve been good about not being too stupid when it comes to aac.

but that doesnt mean I DONT draw stupid doodles.

I’ll do a follow up compilation post for dumb aacs later. I have so many.


Kiwi wont let me live down the ‘one wrinkle’ revision..

Old posters I made for myself of Capulet and Cal. I was never quite happy with Cal but maybe I’ll revisit it one day!


Title: Aut Animus Caput - The Beginning (Full Vers.)
Artist: Joe Stacey
Played: 319 times


Hi everyone! 

Steph thought it might be a good idea to do these progress journals as I kind of learn more about the whole process of starting an animation project from the ground up. 

So?! Let’s start from the beginning….

Around 2009, I started Aut Animus Caput with a friend as an open collaborative project… and uh. I guess that’s really it. That’s how AAC began, not really with big plans of animation or long term storylines and ideas. It was just kind of a world that I built for people to put their characters in and kind of adapt them to the setting. Even Capulet didn’t really begin as anything more than a caricature of a spoiled prince. He, like the rest of the story, just developed and got more refined as it went on. ( Image 1: 2009 Capulet vs 2014 Capulet. )

It stuck like that for a while! Though I really liked my idea, there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm for it and it teetered off after the first few months. I didn’t think anyone really got into it. I kind of developed more of the story on my own for a long while, along with some friends in highschool here and there. Just something we poked at between classes.

Mid-2011 I decided to start it up again with Kiwi and Steph, throwing the entire series into a veritable renaissance. We’ve scrapped so many things and remade so many characters, and even the story has been polished with symbolism and subtleties and just plain TLC. AAC was a lot like a neglected puppy. 

Come 2014, we started real production on an actual project?! 


But yeah you can see up there some of my different early sketches.

That’s all! Hopefully I can do more of these in the future.

— Krystal


More sketchbook stuff. Worldbuilding for our animation project!

Some pages from our sketchbooks. World building for AAC.

Some production backgrounds for AAC from Krystal and Stephanie.

Journal 2 - From layouts to keyframes

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August 27th — and with 16 notes

The princess in all her glory! Another page from our animation bible from Kiwi!

Princess Calpurnia

The Princess is charming, friendly, and outgoing. She’s a people person and always seems to be there for her subjects.. Although shed much rather be partying or sleeping rather than working.

Sharing a new page from our animation bible! This is next character to appear in episode 1. Kiwi did some great work on these designs!

Shylock Rush

Shylock is the leader of the Heart revolutionary group called Vis Vitae. Seeing how the kingdom is divided over who will take the throne, Shylock seeks a resolution that both sides can agree on to quell what he believes is an unrest that will break out into war.

Being a slum kid himself, he sympathizes with the plight of the lower class in Cordia, and hopes that political reform will mend the disparity between the classes, Heads, and Hearts. Shylock is disinterested in intimate relationships and instead claims his heart belongs to Cordia.

He is also the only Heart in law school (a predominantly Head profession), and is obsessed with both work and proving his worth in the realm of politics. 

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