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Process blog for the AAC Animation project.


Environment designs and concept art for the AAC animation by Danny and Krystal

Some concept art for reblog wednesday!

Finalized character sheet for Ida. Last sheet for today!

Idalynn Rosalind

Ida is the Prince’s etiquette teacher, and the picture of a good 1950s housewife. She is rather naive and a hopeless romantic, which tends to get her into trouble. Ida, despite being a quintessential Heart, desires to be more like a Head.

Finalized character sheet for Cal! 

Princess Calpurnia

The Princess is charming, friendly, and outgoing. She’s a people person and always seems to be there for her subjects.. Although shed much rather be partying or sleeping rather than working.

Finalized design for Capulet! Hooray!

Prince Capulet

Intelligent, curt, angry. He’s unforgiving, critical, and socially inept. Does not play well with others. He gets angry easily and unexpectedly. Typically he remains calm and evenly unpleasant, but it’s unpredictable what will throw him into a tantrum.

Almost done with our redesigns, excited to show them off. The animation process is slow goings, but progressing at a steady pace. Pre-production is almost wrapped up! Then we can dive head-first into animation.

Got a nice shout out from Nick, too! Hello to our new followers! :)


Concepty AAC stuff.

Cute concept art from Kiwi of Fortinbras and Shylock!

A little peek at some process work. :)

June 8th — and with 34 notes

Some concept art featuring Ida and Capulet.

Happy Saturday!

Things are going along fine on the pre-production end with AAC, and we’re reaching the point of full on production mode soon!

To celebrate, we’ve begun uploading goodies to our online store! All sales will go towards funding our animation project, and you can get some cute stuff there too. Everyone profits! Not a ton on there right now, but go ahead and take a peek (or reblog!)

You can find the store HERE , or on the link in the menu bar! You can find stickers and art prints right now. =)

Thanks a bunch!
-Da Team

May 17th — and with 4 notes

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